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Passengers should plan arrival at the airport before scheduled departure time, in order to allow prompt security control and to minimise delays.
Main importance is given to cooperation durino security cheksm since hand baggage should be packed following actual regulations, with a maximum weight of 7 kilos and total dimensions should not exceed 115 cm.

It is not allowed transport of
  • Weapons and ammunitions
  • Guns, toy guns, replica guns
  • Esplosives, fire crakers, rockets
  • Pressurized gas
  • Flammable, refrigerant and poisonous
  • Camping gas
  • Deodorant sprays, hair sprays, self defence sprays
  • Any flammable item
  • Any item: Infective, poisonous, corrosive, magnetizing, radioactive
  • Electric alarms
  • Underwater torch with batteries inside
  • Pointed/Sharp objects
  • Scissors, cutlery, paper knives, nail cutters manicure sets, razors, etc
Hand and hold baggage should be labelled with personal data (name, surname, town, etc.) to easy security staff procedures in case of further checks.
During security check at gates you will also be required top ut into appropriate boxes at our security checkpoints the following items: Mobile phones, keys, wallets, purses, watches, belts and other metallic objects to avoid being tracked by the metal detector, forcing you go to through the metal detector door several times.

It is severely prohimited to carry packages or items on the behalf of other people without knowing the content. Leaving unattended luggage is also not allowed in the airport premises.
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